Bond Tool and Engineering has the state of the art machinery to handle any size project. This includes 8 distinct Milling Machines, 4 Lathe Machines, 2 Grinding Machines, along with Measuring and Supporting Equipment.

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Precision A Numerical Edge

All of our equipment is CNC based and operates with FANUC, HAAS, & SELCA controls in order to be accurate and maintain high quality machined components.

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Experience A key to Success

In 1989, Bruce Bond found Bond Tool and Engineering with the idea of creating the best quality form tools and die sets. With the help of a dedicated and experienced staff, we’ve designed and created products for internationally known companies.

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Welcome to Bond Tool!

Bond Tool & Engineering is a high quality and competitive custom machine shop with state of the art precision machines and the latest CAM, CAD & CNC technology. We have over 30 years of experience in engineering and operations catering to the thermoform industries specific needs. Not only does Bond Tool & Engineering specialize in thermoforming, we are also experienced with custom engineered parts in other industry's. Our mission is to create a safe work environment while generating the best quality, productivity and customer service..

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